Binary to Text

Converting Binary to Text

You’ve got something you want to share with someone, but you’re stuck because it’s in binary form and the person you want to share it with doesn’t have software that can read binary files? Don’t worry; there are tools out there that can convert binary to text! Here is our Free tool you can use to convert Binary to Text.

What is binary?

Binary, also known as base-2, is a number system that has only two values: 0 and 1. Digital computers work in binary because it’s easier for circuits to understand two options than something larger, like decimal (base-10) or hexadecimal (base-16). When something is converted from binary into text, it becomes readable again.

How to convert binary to text?

We’ve already discussed how binary data is represented as a series of 0s and 1s or bits. However, computers are capable of converting binary numbers into human-readable text, with each bit being associated with a single character from an alphabet that can be either upper- or lowercase. This is often referred to as base 2 to base 16 conversions.

Binary converter tool

The process of converting binary to text is straightforward:

Step 1: Access our Binary to Text Converter Tool

Step 2: Insert your Binary Code

Step 3: Click Convert Button

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