Javascript Obfuscator

Why you should use a javascript obfuscator for your website?

The web has gone through many changes over the past 20 years and so have the hackers that attack it. Obfuscators online was originally created to make hacking into websites more difficult, but now these tools are more important than ever before because of the sophistication of today’s cyber-attacks and how they affect modern websites and applications. If you want to learn more about why you should use one for your website, keep reading.

What Is a Javascript Obfuscator?

A JavaScript Obfuscator is a software tool used to make an original source code of JavaScript, JScript or VBScript language unreadable, hard to understand and disrupt any attempt at debugging. The goal of obfuscation is to protect intellectual property and deter reverse engineering.

How Do They Work?

At its core, an obfuscator’s job is to take plain text and scramble it so that it can’t be read by humans. In other words, when a script is obfuscated, no one can read it. All that gibberish on screen? That’s code. To find out what’s really going on, someone needs to pull up their own version of an online javascript decompiler. What does that mean?

JavaScript Obfuscators Are Good For?

The future of web development relies heavily on browser technology, and with that comes many features that aid in speed and functionality. These include technologies like CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and many others. All of these add to page load time, some more than others. If a site uses too much script it can significantly delay page load time.

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