Text to Slug

Create a Text to Slug in Seconds

How many times have you encountered the problem of using long-winded and unnecessary keywords in your slug? This often makes your WordPress site unappealing, not to mention hard to find on search engines. Instead of using lengthy text in your slug, try using the Text to Slug Generator tool and convert it into keyword-rich text that will make your site both SEO-friendly and easier to find! All you need to do is paste the content of your choice into the box below and click on Convert! Let’s get started now!

Text-to-Slug Generators

There’s an easy way to create clean, readable URLs for your content using tools like Tag Manager and Google Webmaster Tools. In addition, you can use text-to-slug generators like Yoast or Matt Cutts of Google. All you have to do is paste your content into their generator and it spits out everything you need.

How does Text to Slug help your content marketing?

It allows you to create easy, fast and professional WordPress slugs for your content. Using it is really simple, just type or paste your content and it will do everything for you! It's a very useful tool if you don't have time or simply don't know how to make good titles.

Why would you use it?

With more and more text-based content being created on the web, having a tool that creates short, attractive URLs is incredibly valuable. Short URLs are easier to share, remember, and brand for your content. Tools like bitly have already changed how we look at links—now it’s time for text-to-slug generators to do the same.

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